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About us

About us

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Alnazayir cars Center for Car Maintenance in the world of automobilesun li is one of the largest maintenance institutions of all kinds and brands of cars we are always aware of all that is serious in the world of car maintenance and the provision of all spare parts benefit from our unique efficiency and quality excellence at very economical prices

About us

Our Vision

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Using modern technology to develop this field in the Kingdom and to maintain the leadership we have achieved.

the message

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Providing innovative solutions to generate distinct solutions in maintenance, which provides high-quality service to our customers


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Employing modern technology in this field to achieve more positive results

Continuous investment in the team and attract skilled personnel, according to their specialization.

Development and innovation periodically in order to reach the highest quality standards.

Our services cover all parts of the Kingdom in record time, without compromising the quality of work.

Employing modern technology in this field to achieve more positive results


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We believe that perfection is the backbone of work, and it is a value that we cannot deviate from with a human and religious distinction; we cannot end a service to a customer, except after confirming its quality, because the testimony of our valued customers is the constant propaganda of ours, and because the name of our institution deserves it.


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Together, honesty and transparency are the key to the success of organizations. Therefore, because our work is based on honesty, the contract between us and our customers is claused by honesty and transparency, the comprehensive statement of problems, the presentation of available solutions, and the customer the freedom to choose.


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In the world of the digital revolution, those who don't think outside the box write a certificate of end with their own hands, so Alnazayir cars Center makes a great effort to create unique ideas that save the client time and money, because you deserve it